About Us

Company Overview

TCI of NY is a family owned, independently run business.  We are a member of the G&S Family of businesses with more than 500 employees across our affiliated companies.  TCI of NY is proud to be in Coeymans creating good paying American jobs.

What We Do:

TCI of NY recycles transformers and other oil-filled electrical equipment in a safe and environmentally responsible manner. Our customers include some of the largest utilities in the world, as well as private businesses and homeowners. More than 99 percent of the material we process is recycled, refurbished and serviced for beneficial reuse.

Regulatory Oversight:

Our operations are monitored and overseen by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the U.S. Department of Transportation, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, and the New York State Department of Health. We are subject to annual and unannounced, unscheduled inspections. We take pride in our Occupational Health, Safety and Training programs, and our record of strict compliance with all applicable state and federal regulations, including the submission of annual inventory reports to local emergency management authorities.

Emissions and Discharges:

Our self-contained processes produce no air emissions or wastewater discharges into local water bodies.

Affiliated Companies

TCI of NY is proud to be part of the G&S Family of companies. Through our strategic partnerships with our sister companies, we are able to provide our customers with a one-stop solution for reclamation, recycling and disposal of obsolete transformers and other oil-filled electrical equipment; transformer repair; and substation dismantling and pumping.