TCI of NY Donates Valatie Property to Columbia County Habitat For Next Passive Townhouse Build

December 18, 2015

Columbia County Habitat Executive Director Brenda Adams and TCI of NY President Brian Hemlock announced today that TCI has donated its property at 3049 Main Street in Valatie to Habitat. After the existing 2-family structure is demolished, Habitat will build a high performance energy-saving home designed by BarlisWedlick Architects (BWA).

Valatie_Property.jpgAdams said, “We are so grateful to TCI for this generous gift, which allows us to broaden our reach in Columbia County beyond Hudson, where we’ve built in recent years. There is a great need for sustainable, affordable housing for lower-income working families throughout the County, and we’re delighted to return to Valatie.”

Hemlock noted, “TCI’s guiding principles are re-use and re-cycle. We’re very pleased that this property, which was originally purchased for employee housing, will be returned to productive use for a working family. Like Habitat, we’re strong advocates of environmentally-advanced construction, which we know the Valatie Passive Townhouse will incorporate.” TCI recycles transformers and other oil-filled electrical equipment. Its operations, which are free of emissions and discharges, routinely achieve recycling rates of 99%.

Valatie Mayor Diane Argyle added, “Valatie is in the midst of a revival. The replacement of a derelict building with a new home that matches the character of the surrounding properties will be a great asset to Main Street and the village. We are thankful that Habitat is taking on this project.”

The Valatie Passive Townhouse will be the 19th home constructed by Habitat volunteers since 1993. It will also be the third of three case studies conducted by Habitat and BWA, each using different combinations of energy-saving design, technology and building materials. The goal is the development of a volunteer-friendly template for high performance affordable housing in the Northeast that both Habitat affiliates and private developers can use.

TCI’s contribution of the land for the Valatie house marks the launch of Habitat’s 30 Homes by 2020 campaign. Habitat’s goal of reaching a total of 30 homes built by 2020, which means completing 12 new houses in the next five years, calls for a dramatically accelerated building pace for the organization.

Habitat President Sara McWilliams said, “We’re exited about returning to Valatie. It’s a wonderful community and a great place to kick off 30 Homes by 2020.  Our theme is “Together, we can!” This is demonstrated so well by the tremendous support we've received from TCI, Mayor Argyle and everyone else who’s worked with us to make this gift and this project happen.”

Columbia County Habitat builds sustainable, affordable housing for lower-income working families with the help of donors and volunteers, both on construction sites and at the ReStore. Partner families contribute 300 hours of sweat equity and receive an interest-free 30-year mortgage held by Habitat. Selling new and gently-used furniture, large appliances, kitchen and bathroom cabinetry, building materials and more at discounted prices, the ReStore last year generated $60,000 to support Habitat’s construction programs. A major expansion of the ReStore, located at 829 Route 66 at 9H in Hudson, will be completed in January and enlarge the store to include 11,500 sq. ft. of retail space. For more information or to volunteer, call Habitat at 518-828-0892 or visit the Habitat website at

Photo caption: TCI of NY donated its property at 3049 Main Street in the Village of Valatie to Columbia County Habitat. Pictured before the December 18th closing are, left to right: Habitat Vice President Peter Budelman, President Sara McWilliams, Executive Director Brenda Adams & TCI President Brian Hemlock.