TCI Loves the Challenge, Moves Huge Transformers Up the Hudson River to Special Tear-Down and Storage Depot

October 3, 2017

TCI of New York is known throughout the Northeast for its ability to handle transformers of any size and condition. Sometimes that means dealing with huge pieces in unusual transportation situations. We love those challenges. 

Case in point: the recent job we did for a major utility looking to move and store two monster-size transformers, one weighing 306k lbs., the other even bigger at 658k lbs.

The transformers, in need of disassembly and long-term storage, were installed at a facility in a densely populated and congested urban area. There was no good place to move them locally. The answer was to bring them to our upstate facility in Coeymans, N.Y. The question was, how?

68f50ffe167d1be896b9a71d112365f8_f136.jpgThey were too heavy and unwieldy for conventional trucks to make a long-haul road trip. Making special arrangements to trail oversized loads that big over the required distance was too expensive and too complicated in terms of logistics. The answer was to ship them up the Hudson River by barge.

Our crews spent four days preparing the transformers on site, braking them down, and hoisting them on to drop-deck trailers to be hauled a few miles to a nearby port. There, they were loaded onto a boat and guided up river by barge.

The barge trip up the Hudson took two days and went without a hitch.

Once at the Port of Coeymans, our crews moved the transformers to a reserved section of the port where over the course of a month, a four-man crew from TCI took them apart in a controlled forensic teardown. A forensic teardown is done under inspection of our client, the utility company. Its purpose is to determine why the units failed so we can predict and prevent future failures. Once the forensic teardown is completed, the transformers are wrapped and store in special housing, where they are safe, secure and available for inspection.

Whether it involves river-barging massive oversized pieces up the Hudson, lifting heavy tonnage transformers out of melting permafrost in the North Country, or managing the removal of conventional transformers in any setting, TCI’s expert crews and modern fleet are ready, willing and able to do the job. We take pride in overcoming the toughest challenges, and we are always committed to three things: service, safety, and environmental excellence.