John Barr of TCI NY talks about the lasting legacy of Gaby Newmark a co-founder of the Coeymans based company

July 1, 2021

Just over a year ago, Gaby Newmark passed away at the age of 88. The company honored his life last August with a dedication ceremony at the opening of their new expansion facility in Coeymans.

“Gaby lived an extraordinary life,” said Mr. Barr. “Along with his brother-in-law Sol Lefkovits the two holocaust survivors built up a company from a small business with five employees that dismantled electric motors into the G&S family of companies with 600 employees now an essential business supporting the power companies and utilities across America. It is a true American success story.”

Gaby and Sol’s story is one of perseverance, hard work and dedication to family. One that benefits many lives and protects the environment. The company takes transformers from the power companies, some that can weigh as much as a million pounds, to recycle, repurpose and refurbish them. 99% of the material is salvaged versus going into landfills.

“Our father’s success in business was a direct result of their staunch values. They treated people the way they wanted to be treated. With respect and dignity,” said George Newmark who is Gaby’s son. George now runs the day-to-day operations along with Sol’s son Jeffrey Lefkovits.

Brian Hemlock, TCI’s President, talks about the principals that guide the company. “I’m living proof of how Gaby and Sol ran the company. I started out on a road crew that went out to dismantle transformers at power plants. They believed in promoting from within and giving incentives to those who run the other facilities. They rewarded hard work. This shows employees they have an opportunity to move up.”

Mr. Barr adds, “Three years ago, we hired a young man by the name of Brett Margiasso to work on the production line. Today he runs an important section at the plant off-loading the trucks that deliver transformers. This is a huge responsibility separating out what can be salvaged and what is scrapped. He is 20 years old. That is right out of the Gaby and Sol play book. Do a good job you will be rewarded.”

Brett says, “If you genuinely pay attention and want to grow and build with this company, there is no reason you can’t.”

“The other day we had RCS students here who are the recipients of our annual college scholarships. Gaby and Sol loved giving back to the communities that gave so much to them,” said Mr. Barr. “So many people will continue to benefit from what they built. It is their lasting legacy.”

Photo: John Barr standing next to the dedication plaque honoring Gaby Newmark the Co-Founder of TCI: “Every day I go by the plaque as a reminder of the values he taught us to live by every day.”

Story first appeared in The Ravena News-Herald on Thursday, July 1.