August Dedication Event

August 17, 2020

Coeymans, NY – TCI of New York officially opened their new expansion facility with a dedication ceremony in honor of Gaby Newmark a Co-Founder of the company. The 35,000 square foot, state of the art addition will allow TCI to add new capability to the existing production line expanding services to their customers the power companies and utilities throughout the Northeast. TCI is a member of the G&S Group a company Mr. Newmark ran for 55 years with his brother-in-law Sol Lefkovits two Hungarian holocaust survivors.

Brian Hemlock of TCI of NY led off the ceremony saying, “Today we celebrate the opening of our new building and the dedication to one of the greatest men I have ever known. He was a great partner, friend and mentor.”

Earlier in the morning a separate event was held for the TCI Team members due to Covid-19 guidelines limiting attendance. They were joined by Assemblymen Chris Tague who said, “This company has been a real asset to the community and has embodied the giving spirit of Gaby Newman, who we dedicate this new building to today, generously supporting local non-profits and providing good paying, dependable jobs for people throughout the area. Gaby's story is one of true American entrepreneurship, and I am certain TCI will continue to grow and help the community grow with them as G&S companies have been doing for decades."

TCI's first plant in Coeyman’s was built in 2014. The company recycles and repurposes 99 percent of the material in the transformers received, providing a great environmental benefit as just a few decades ago, this material was put into landfills. Jobs that used to go out of state will be brought to Coeymans.

“We are proud to be in Coeymans investing and creating new jobs.,” Mr. Hemlock said. “When we came to Coeymans, we only had 10 employees. Now we have 35 and as far as we are concerned, this is only the beginning.”

Joining the ceremony were Aniko Newmark Gaby's wife, Susan Winthrop and George Newmark, daughter and son of Gaby, and Jeffrey and Sol Lefkovits who was the partner and brother in-law of Gaby. Along with many of Gaby's family and friends.

George Newmark who now runs the business with Sol’s son Jeffrey said, “He would have loved being here today. Being with all of you who make this possible. That was the essence of him. He loved the business. Meeting with customers. He loved the people.” In honor of his father a dedication plaque was unveiled that will be placed at the entrance to the new facility.

“My father focused on things that mattered. Family, taking care of business, helping others,” Mr. Newmark went on to say. “His success in life and in business was a direct result of his staunch values. He played fair and worked hard. Values we strive to live up to every day.”

George McHugh, Coeyman’s Town Supervisor said, “Today we celebrate the expansion of TCI. As Coeymans Town Supervisor, I stand here with an enormous feeling of pride - Pride in knowing that when local government and industry work together, there is nothing that we cannot achieve – Pride in seeing the good paying jobs and benefits that TCI provides its employees, many of whom are Coeymans residents – Pride in the workmanship and the vital services that TCI provides to its customers – and Pride in knowing that TCI is and will continue to be a true partner with the residents, business owners, and local government of the Town of Coeymans for many years to come. Coeymans is a better Town with TCI in it.”

The ceremony was followed by a catered BBQ lunch of chicken and corn on the cobb hosted by Bishop Beaudry Construction the company that built the TCI expansion facility. Face masks were required, and social distancing etiquette was practiced at the event.

TCI of NY is one of eight members of the G&S Family of Companies, employs 600 employees across America, all devoted to the environmentally safe processing, recycling and repair of transformers and other oil-filled electrical equipment, and the safe processing and re-use of electrical oils.


Mark Westcott

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